Custom-made Units

Tailored and innovative R&D systems

to accelerate your R&D.

Contract R&D Solutions

Advanced testing services to accelerate your R&D

Flowrence Technology

Our high-throughput catalyst testing system offerings are

configured to your R&D needs

Custom-made Units

Tailored and innovative R&D systems

to accelerate your R&D.

R&D Systems

Flowrence platform – parallel reactor catalyst testing units. Unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use! Read more

R&D Services

Customized catalyst testing and R&D paired with broad scientific and technical expertise. More than 700 reactors ready for you! Read more

Custom-made Units

Unique capabilities to serve the demand for tailored units to meet your needs in R&D into sustainable chemistry. Read more

Refinery Catalyst Testing

Confidently select the best commercial catalyst for your application. Performance truly independently verified! Read more

Latest News

How KAUST’s Catalysis Center in Saudi Arabia is leveraging Avantium’s high-throughput catalyst testing technology to produce R&D breakthroughs

Within the many laboratories of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia lies the High-Throughput Laboratory in the KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC). The KCC has multiple Avantium’s Flowrence® High-Throughput units, designed to test...

Avantium installed its high-throughput unit Flowrence® XD at ETH Zurich Swisscat

Avantium’s Flowrence® XD high-​throughput nano-​flow fixed bed unit allows the evaluation and performance test fixed bed heterogeneous catalysts sensitive to air and moisture. The unit can be adapted to specific reaction and process conditions on demand.Following the...

Avantium Catalysis expands its business into R&D for sustainable chemistry

Today, we announced that Avantium Catalysis will transform its business to serve the growing demand for R&D into sustainable chemistry (Click for Press Release). In addition to providing advanced catalysis R&D systems and services to customers worldwide, we...

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