Custom-made Units

Tailored and innovative R&D systems

to accelerate your R&D.

Contract R&D Solutions

Advanced testing services to accelerate your R&D

Flowrence Technology

Our high-throughput catalyst testing system offerings are

configured to your R&D needs

Custom-made Units

Tailored and innovative R&D systems

to accelerate your R&D.

R&D Systems

Flowrence platform – parallel reactor catalyst testing units. Unmatched accuracy, reliability and ease of use! Read more

R&D Services

Customized catalyst testing and R&D paired with broad scientific and technical expertise. More than 700 reactors ready for you! Read more

Custom-made Units

Unique capabilities to serve the demand for tailored units to meet your needs in R&D into sustainable chemistry. Read more

Refinery Catalyst Testing

Confidently select the best commercial catalyst for your application. Performance truly independently verified! Read more

Latest News

Flowrence® XR: A Powerful and Versatile Research Tool for Hydrogen Storage Screening

Hydrogen storage in the form of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) is seen as a key enabler for storing and transporting green hydrogen. LOHC are organic compounds that act as a rechargeable hydrogen battery: they undergo a reversible chemical conversion to take...

High-throughput Screening Technology for Adsorbents in Biorefinery – IMPRESS Project

Adsorption is the most energy-efficient technology for purification and separation in the biorefinery process. As Avantium R&D Solutions, we are dedicated to design ideal biorefinery which converts biomaterials such as trees or other sources of cellulose into...

Flowrence for CO2 conversion, methanol and ammonia were installed at Kiel University

Some chemical conversion reactions are considered enabling for the energy transition and for the implementation of renewable feedstock for industry. Society depends on our successes.  “After moving the work group Behrens from Duisburg-Essen to Kiel, we are now...

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