Sustainable Chemical Building Blocks

Sustainable chemical building blocks are needed to reduce dependence on fossil feedstocks for chemicals, materials and fuels, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout production chains.

Avantium RDS is perfectly equipped to support you in this endeavor. We are well suited to design, build and test custom-made equipment that will accelerate your R&D in the search for your particular sustainable chemical building block.





In the chemical conversions from biomass to sustainable chemical building blocks a lot of R&D is needed in order to find competitive solutions that might replace fossil-based chemicals. If we want to compete with fossil feedstocks, the processes must be optimized further, or new processes and catalysts must be developed to create successful alternatives.

Value drivers for chemical conversions towards sustainable chemical building blocks:

  • Accurately compare catalysts and operating conditions for tertiary conversions of sustainable feeds
  • Accelerate R&D and testing of catalysts
  • Testing real-life operating conditions at small scale based on existing application/ chemistry expertise
  • Removal or react contaminants from feed

At Avantium RDS we offer unconventional and cutting-edge R&D solutions to make your ambitions come true.

Are you interested in how we could empower your R&D to make your existing products and process technologies more circular and sustainable?

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