Flowrence® Software

Fully integrated software purposely designed for our high throughput systems. Seamlessly integration with all IT infrastructures and catalyst R&D workflows
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Fully automated and unattended 24/7 operation

  • Integration with other software platforms e.g., i-historian etc.
  • Automated liquid sampling using barcode labeling
  • Tracking catalyst samples and liquid feed properties
  • Integration of analytical data & feedback control
  • Calculation of key performance data like conversion and selectivity
  • Stored values can be used to monitor trends in built-in plots
  • Alarm management for all relevant process values

Automated operation with predefined recipes

A recipe is a compilation of conditions steps containing set points, ramp rates and reactor sampling, waiting times between GC analyses, etc. In a recipe, an unlimited number of steps with various process conditions can be added. This unique feature allows unattended operation of the unit during a test run.

Every second, all measured values and set points are stored in a SQL database

All online and offline results are automatically imported into the Flowrence® Database and available on a real-time basis. Additionally, when a GC chromatogram is reprocessed (e.g. to assign a different retention time or response factor), the new results will be automatically updated into the database.

The control software will be directly connected to a Microsoft SQL server database where all relevant information of the experiment is automatically stored. This information is stored at a very high detail level of 1 sample per second to allow very accurate trending. This enables real-time follow up of the experiment and determine whether any adjustments need to be made to the process parameters.

Flowrence® Products

4 Reactors

The Flowrence® XD is Avantium’s most flexible and easy to use system, with 4-reactors a broad operating window. This system was designed for early-stage catalyst R&D.


16 Reactors

The Flowrence® XR is Avantium’s most accurate system, with 16-reactors and a broad operating window. Designed for fast catalyst screening with outstanding repeatability and  reproducibility.


16 Reactors

The Flowrence® XP as all the advantages of the Flowrence XR with more independent controls per reactor for kinetic studies and process design.

4 Reactors

The Flowrence® XC was purposely designed for precise comparison and selection of commercial catalysts.

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