SIE Neftehim validates Avantium for reforming catalyst testing

SIE Neftehim, LLC has validated Avantium’s high throughput technology for independent catalyst testing of naphtha reforming catalysts.

SIE Neftehim is a Russian engineering company specialized in the  development and introduction of oil refining and petrochemical technologies. SIE Neftehim’s activity is focused on two main fields: light naphtha isomerization (C4-C7 fractions) and naphtha reforming.

SIE Neftehim developed a series of catalysts for continuous regeneration (CCR) reforming and semi-regenerative reforming processes. Avantium performed a series of tests for four (4) naphtha reforming catalysts. The methods applied and the resulting high data quality (precision, accuracy and reproducibility) have been independently verified and accepted by SIE Neftehim.

“We commended the high technical level of Avantium laboratory and operational excellence of the experts. Thank you for the cooperation!” commented Timofey Karpenko, Chief Technology Officer of SIE Neftehim.

Avantium’s naphtha reforming testing 16-parallel reactors Flowrence® system with individual temperature-control and enhanced online analytics enables testing of reforming catalysts at a constant research octane number (RON) of each reactor. Avantium’s Flowrence® system’s unmatched discrimination capabilities allowed SIE Neftehim to validate their catalysts performance by providing extremely precise and repeatable C5+ yields, total aromatics and hydrogen-produced data as well as complete PIONA breakdown with time on stream. The temperature-required, yields, and stability of the catalysts at constant RON output and overall catalysts ranking have been independently verified and accepted by SIE Neftehim.

“We are pleased to be qualified by SIE Neftehim.” commented Tiago Vilela, BD Director Refinery Catalyst Testing “It is important to formally obtain the endorsement from all catalyst vendors of our testing approach, strategies and experimental setup. We are committed to provide our customers meaningful results to enable fact-based decisions and ultimately increase their competitiveness & profitability.”

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