Shell Catalysts & Technologies renews partnership with Avantium Catalysis

Shell Catalysts & Technologies has renewed its partnership with Avantium Catalysis for four more years for the execution of catalyst testing programs with Avantium’s Flowrence® technology platform. The catalyst testing programs are tailored to accelerate catalyst screening and to study catalyst deactivation. The execution of these programs is taking place in the laboratories at Avantium headquarters in Amsterdam.

Shell Catalysts & Technologies especially values Avantium’s proprietary technology and R&D services. The catalyst testing programs of Avantium deliver excellent data quality and on-time delivery, which offers Shell Catalysts & Technologies a piece-of-mind to debottleneck their pilot plant capacity with outstanding reliability.

“We are proud to continue working with an industry leader such as Shell Catalysts & Technologies,” commented Steven Oliver, Managing Director of Avantium Catalysis.  “With our unique innovative and reliable R&D services, we are able to offer an integrated solution which increases the R&D effectiveness and greatly improves time to market of new catalysts.”

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