Processing renewable feedstocks can be complex, facing challenges such as catalyst deactivation and reactor pressure increases. Moreover, there is a wide range and quality of feedstocks that will impact operational performance. Because of this diversity, selecting the right catalysts is crucial.

Test multiple catalysts with various renewable feedstocks utilizing our dedicated high-throughput catalyst testing systems with low feed sample requirements, outstanding data accuracy and tailored analytical solutions.

Work with us to accelerate your catalyst R&D and find the best catalyst for each feedstock.

Syngas Value Chain

Avantium has a long history in providing test services for feeds within the syngas value chain. Notable examples are listed below:

  • Syngas cleaning such as adsorption
  • Methanol synthesis from  syngas
  • Methanol to olefins
  • Fischer Tropsch
  • Methane activation / MTO
  • Oxydative coupling of methane (OCM)
  • Ammonia reforming / synthesis


Vegetable Oil Value Chain

  • The next big challenge for catalyst development is processing feeds high in oxygenates such as vegetable oils.
  • Avantium is extending up such capability through unique and proven Flowrence benefits:
    • Dedicated high-throughput unit to evaluate the performance of HVO catalysts
    • Flowrence® technology with single-pellet-string reactors (SPSRs) optimized for Vegetable Oil (VO) feedstocks
    • 16 reactors in parallel with multiple operation modes that allows us to simultaneously tests
  • Optimized test programs for commercial catalyst testing validated with major catalyst suppliers

High Data Quality

  • Unparalleled accuracy – consistent data you can trust
  • Unmatched reactor-to-reactor repeatability
  • Industrially scalable results
  • We guarantee data quality

Independent Testing

  • Compare commercial catalysts with confidence
  • Independently validated by catalyst vendors
  • Access to best-in-class testing technology & highly qualified experts
  • Produce or tailor catalysts using Avantium’s internal catalyst synthesis capability

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