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The refining industry has an important role in the production of transportation and other fuels. It has a unique expertise, which is to process and convert multiple feedstocks made of highly complex molecules. Refining should think of its future by building on this unique know-how, aiming to provide low carbon fuels and chemicals needed by society, while decreasing its environmental footprint. 

As margins are under pressure, the main drive remains to optimize current refining processes to increase efficiency and lower downtime. Besides that, refineries will supply liquid fuels progressively lower in carbon intensity by increasing the use of new feedstocks, such as renewables, plastic waste and captured CO2, while integrating with other industries such as petrochemicals, biofuels and plastics recycling. 

We help you with:

  • Increasing your profitability by utilizing our best-practice testing programs.  
  • Accelerating R&D and testing of new and optimized catalysts to produce clean fuels. 
  • Testing commercial catalysts, real feedstocks and industrially relevant conditions paired with our unmatched reactor-to-reactor reproducibility for scalability of results. 

What we offer : 

Flowrence Products

High Throughput Systems to Accelerate Your Catalyst R&D.

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Contract R&D

Accelerate Your Catalyst R&D With the World’s Most Advanced High Throughput Technology.

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Refinery Catalyst Testing

Select the best catalyst. The most advanced catalyst testing technology, independently validated by the catalyst vendors.

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