Refinery Catalyst Testing

Compare commercial catalysts side by side using the most advanced catalyst testing technology with 16-parallel reactors, independently validated by the catalyst suppliers. Results you can trust
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Independent Tests

Catalysts Side-by-Side


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Your Feed. Your Conditions

We test with your feed stocks and process conditions – low feed ~10L. Proven testing programs and methods.


Proven Technology

Proven Flowrence® technology thanks to decades of research and development. Our project leaders have relevant refinery knowledge and industry experience.

Highest Data Quality

16-reactors systems with  outstanding reactor-to-reactor repeatability. Tests performed by highly experienced staff with extensive catalysis knowledge.


Results You can Trust

Take important decisions with confidence. Statistical significance of results. Test catalysts side-by-side under the exact same conditions.

Validated by Catalyst Suppliers

Results you can trust, validated by all catalyst suppliers. Pilot plant systems with unmatched accuracy.


Fact Based Comparison

Rapidly select the best catalyst and help boost your refinery margins. Discriminate differences of 1°C in activity and 0.5wt.% in yields.

Cost Effective Comparison

Parallel testing allows the cost-effective  evaluation of multiple catalyst systems – in one run under the same exact conditions.


Independent Testing

Testing methods, data quality, and reproducibility independently validated by all catalyst suppliers.

We provide our customers results to improve catalyst selection

Testing full extrudates and stacked beds


Naphtha Reforming





FCC Pretreat (CFH)

Lubes Upgrading

Discriminate 1°C difference in activity and 0.5wt.% in yield

Predict commercial hydrotreater performance

The pilot plant test allows for the calculation of Hydrodesulfurization (HDS) activity, product selectivity, and inhibition factors. Using a catalyst performance prediction model (HydroScope™) we can optimize hydrotreating unit performance and translate pilot plant test data into commercial performance, assessing the impact on cycle length, hydrogen consumption and product yields.


    • Translate pilot plant test data into commercial performance
    • Quantification of margin improvement opportunities
    • Optimized biofuel operation with minimum H2 purge
    • Prediction of cycle length as a function of feedstock and operating conditions
    • Assess impact of feed contaminants/poisons



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Optimising diesel hydrotreating catalyst loading scheme
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Reliable naphtha reforming catalyst testing

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