Pyrolysis Oil Upgrading

Upgrade pyrolysis oil from recycled plastics or biomass

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In the transition to a more sustainable world, refiners are challenged with a feedstock pool of ever increasing complexity. Pyrolysis oil derived from plastic waste or biomass is a typical example of such a new feedstock. This liquid is used to replace fossil-based feedstock in the production of  variety of chemicals. Before pyrolysis oil can be used, it needs upgrading to remove impurities like e.g. oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen. These pyrolysis oils are very diverse in properties, meaning extensive testing is needed.

We can help you with
  • Accurately compare catalysts and operating conditions
  • Operate with small volumes – limited feed supply
  • Handle pyrolysis-oil feeds: viscous, unstable, do not mix with fossil-based oils
  • Handle water produced in process – separation of products

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