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The Catalysis Insider – July 2022 – On the road! Again!

With the decrease in Covid19 measures, finally we are able to attend events/conferences again! This May we participated in several conferences; Laborama 2022, NAM27, FOA14 to launch our new high-throughput testing platform Batchington!

Thanks to everyone who visited our booths. We hope to see you again! Please check our events page to see our upcoming conferences.

The Catalysis Insider – December 2021 – Still Mostly at home smile

The National Catalysis Conference (NCC) is one of the most important catalysis conferences held in China. We were happy to be there in person and engage with our customers to discuss the latest trends.

We continuously evaluate the feasibility of processing new feedstocks at our Flowrence® systems. In our latest white paper we present the results of processing blends of soybean oil and Straight Run Gas Oil (SRGO). Read the full article here 

The Catalysis Insider – July 2021 – Still Mostly at home smile

How to strengthen our offerings in the refinery catalyst testing

Tiago Vilela was interviewed by Delft Solid Solutions on the new services included in our RCT offerings as one of our customers wanted to perform crushing and attrition testing on the CCR catalysts

Find the full interview here and contact us for more information

Avantium is proud to announce that it has been awarded a tender concerning two Flowrence® XD systems and one Flowrence® XR system for the Catalysis Hub of ETH Zürich (CAT+ East).

Avantium Catalysis extends the webinars for RCT

The Catalysis Insider – December 2020 – Still Mostly at home smile

During the lockdown period, Avantium stays in contact with its customers through Webinars. Please visit the following link and enjoy the Webinar when it is most convenient for you.
For the other webinars “How to test multiple Naphtha Reforming catalysts in 16-reactors” and “How to utilize 16-reactors to compare hydroprocessing catalysts”
please contact us to watch on demand.

Albemarle has validated Avantium’s high throughput technology for independent catalyst testing of hydrocracking catalysts for its data quality (precision, accuracy and reproducibility). Albemarle statement: “Avantium’s high throughput test units and services have allowed us to rapidly screen Hydrocracking catalysts with an accuracy that is at least equal to if not better than conventional pilot plants.”  

Avantium Catalysis website is now also LIVE in Chinese! 

The Catalysis Insider – July  2020 – Mostly at home smile

During the first virtual Laborama the Batchington was successfully launched and customers could experience first hand our new High-Throughput Technology batch platform.

Avantium N.V, a leading technology company in renewable chemistry, announces that Avantium Catalysis has received orders for several Flowrence® testing systems worth more than € 3 million from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology – KAUST Catalysis Center (KCC) in Saudi Arabia. Read more

The Catalysis Insider – December 2019

During the conference, Avantium hosted a workshop with the topic ‘Sharing our Experience and Supporting You in Accelerating Catalyst Development’, where valued Chinese customers presented their experience working with Flowrence High-Throughput Technology.

Avantiums Managing Director Steven Oliver and a large number of delegates attended an interesting panel discussion on during the International Conference on Sustainable Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Desert Climates 2019 (IC-SEWEN’19). 

Avantium Catalysis and Japan-based catalyst and process licensing company Nikki-Universal entered into an agency agreement to better serve Avantium’s customers and boost its business in Japan. Through Nikki-Universal, Avantium expects to generate leads for both its Flowrence® units as well as for service projects.

The Catalysis Insider – July 2019

We exhibited at this years’ NAM conference which had approximately 1700 attendees.
Thanks to everyone who visited our booth – your fruitful discussions continue to support accelerating the catalyst R&D.
Avantium has decided to significantly expand the capacity to test commercial catalysts for hydrotreating and hydrocracking applications, to serve the strong demand for our independent refinery catalyst testing services. Read more

The Catalysis Insider – December 2018

Refinery Catalyst Testing at the ERTC in Cannes, France

Avantium was present with a booth at this years’ ERTC conference with 610 delegates who attended.

Avantium delivers two Flowrence XD’s to KAUST Catalysis Center

With these Flowrence XD’s KCC strengthens its high-throughput facilities for heterogeneous catalysis to develop new catalysts.

New Avantium Catalysis website is now LIVE!


The Catalysis Insider – July 2018

Axel’One Campus at IRCELYON inaugurated with two new Avantium catalyst testing units

Axel’One Campus, an academically-oriented research facility, has been inaugurated on 23 April 2018. Two Avantium Flowrence® units are hosted at the core of the facility, which is under the leadership of research laboratory IRCELYON ( see video1 and video2). One of the Flowrence® units will be used for gas-to-liquid applications. It has been designed to significantly enhance R&D output and has the flexibility to allow testing within a wide range of process conditions under demanding circumstances. The second unit is tailored for gas phase applications in which catalytic powders and shaped catalysts can be tested. Full news item here.

Avantium partners with R&F Chemical to accelerate Flowrence Technology in Korea

South Korea has a highly-advanced technology and chemical sector, and several established national research facilities offering the perfect environment for Avantium’s Catalysis business with a strong focus on catalysis research. Through R&F Chemical, Avantium expects to generate leads for its Flowrence® units as well as for its service projects. The two companies have entered into an agency agreement to explore opportunities in this fast-growing sector. Full release here.

Avantium successfully evaluates light – naphtha isomerization catalysts for major US refining company

The program focused on evaluating the performance of two commercially available chlorinated alumina catalysts across a broad range of different process conditions, including a dedicated complete deactivation run.

Avantium’s EasyLoad® reactor loading technology and tailored workflows allow for a rapid catalyst exchange, avoiding contamination by moisture and oxygen – our unit design intrinsically enables to testing highly sensitive catalysts and chemistries effectively and safely.  The methods applied and the agreed experimental design have been verified and accepted by the client and selected catalyst vendors.  The resulting high data quality (precision, accuracy and reproducibility) enabled the client to make better catalyst decisions for their units and refinery specific conditions and at the same time providing enough data for them to generate performance predictions models

The Catalysis Insider – December 2017

EuropaCat in Florence, Italy

For the first time we brought our Flowrence XD to a conference. Many of you showed their interest in this unit designed for the Discovery R&D stage. Thank you!

NCC in Tianjin, China

During the NCC we had the opportunity to get to know the Chinese market a bit better. Thanks to everyone who took the time to attend the interactive Avantium workshop and provided input to this fruitful meeting on catalyst testing.

ERTC in Athens, Greece

ERTC is gradually becoming the most important refining event in Europe. Avantium was present with a booth. Perhaps you have also seen our advertisement in the event brochure.

The Catalysis Insider – July 2017

Market update – First unit according to strict Japan’s safety regulations built and 5 Flowrence units delivered in the middle east
NAM 2017 – During the North American Catalysis conference the Flowrence XD received great feedback and showed the good acceptance in the market
ERTC  Ask the Experts

In sessions with about 130 refinery technologist and managers we engaged on strategies to select your catalyst with confidence

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