Haldor Topsoe awards high-throughput catalyst screening contract to Avantium Catalysis

AMSTERDAM, 09 September 2021, 16:30 CET – Avantium, a leading technology company in renewable chemistry and catalysis R&D systems and services, announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, Avantium Catalysis, has been awarded a contract for catalyst testing services with Haldor Topsoe.

Avantium Catalysis will perform an extensive testing program for the evaluation of multiple catalysts, feedstocks and operating modes to support Topsoe’s research and development efforts. Avantium’s Flowrence® high-throughput system allows to clearly discriminate catalysts by providing extremely precise and repeatable data.

We are pleased to award this catalyst screening contract to Avantium. With their expertise and reactor technology we will be able to expand our catalyst screening efforts which is essential to accelerating our catalyst development.” Says Mads Kaarsholm, R&D manager Haldor Topsoe

“We are delighted that Haldor Topsoe has chosen Avantium Catalysis for this research project. It is a pleasure to work with Haldor Topsoe and I hope we can return their trust with the high-quality results we promise,” says Tiago Vilela, BD Director Catalyst Testing of Avantium.

Avantium’s leading Flowrence® parallel fixed bed reactor platform is an advanced high-throughput platform for high-quality testing of catalysts and adsorbents. This proven technology generates extremely accurate and repeatable data and is optimally configured for side-by-side catalyst performance tests and can be used for a broad range of industrial applications. The combination of Avantium’s broad knowledge of applications and the Flowrence® Technology creates a powerful, cost-efficient method of screening catalysts significantly reducing the time to bring new products to the market.

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