Green Hydrogen


Climate Change has never been so visible. The world should rapidly reduce fossil-fuel use. One of the largest challenges to make this happen is to significantly bring down the production cost of green hydrogen. A lot of research is still needed to make this technology cost competitive.

How can we possibly achieve such ambitious targets? At Avantium RDS we focus on water electrolysis for the production of green hydrogen and we offer unconventional and cutting-edge R&D solutions.


Hydrogen is one of the main pathways for the energy transition. But the question of how to produce the enormous amounts needed to achieve this is polarizing hydrogen’s advocates. The majority of hydrogen today is produced using fossil fuels. But there is now a wide range of carbon-free and low-carbon production methods. Hydrogen can be produced from all forms of renewable energy, including solar, wind, hydro and geothermal. When hydrogen is produced through electrolysis, the only ‘emission’ is water.

We are focusing on building test systems for speeding up the R&D in this booming area.

Value Drivers for water electrolysis:

  • Data quality, density and interpretation
  • Multi-cell designs & flexibility of technology
  • Software – data to knowledge – data gathering
  • Experience (10 years electrolysis experience through our own Volta program)


Based on years of experience, Avantium RDS offers advanced, custom-made electrolysis R&D test systems. Are you interested in how we could support your progress in water electrolysis?

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