Flowrence® XC

Compare commercial catalysts with confidence

Purposely designed for precise comparison and selection of commercial catalysts. Highly accurate system with individual reactor temperature control.

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Smallest footprint

Flowrence® technology powered by decades of innovation

Microfluidics distribution

Single glass chip for 16-reactors with 0.5% RSD, offers unmatched reactor-to-reactor repeatability. Easy exchange for different operating conditions.


Modular, compact, and easy exchange of glass-chips, with integrated pressure indicators.

Tube-in-tube reactor

Easy and quick reactor exchange system. Possibility to use quartz reactors at high pressure.


Unique and easy-to-use reactor closing system.  “Ready-to-go” approach without leak testing required.

SPSR reactor loading

No dead-zones, no bed packing or distribution effects. No variability in reactor loading. Small volumes, no compromises.

FlowPro Software

Software purposely build for high throughput systems. Full integration of online and offline data.

Reactor pressure control

The most accurate and stable pressure regulator for 16-reactors, just ±0.5bar RSD.

Automated liquid sampling

Programmable, fully automated liquid product sampling robot for 24/7 hands-off operation.

Individual temperature control

Flexibility in test design with independent Reactor Temperature Control (iRTC).

Proven applications with the Flowrence®

Powered by our extensive experience in catalyst testing for refineries

  • Compare multiple commercial catalysts to select the best one for your process
  • Gas phase and trickle flow applications
  • Remote access during operation
  • Testing of full catalyst particles (e.g., beads, cylinders, extrudates)

The broad operating window enables a wide range of experiments for multiple applications under industrially relevant conditions. The microfluidic technology for accurate gas and liquid feed distribution ensures feed flexibility. The microfluidic chips are indispensable to guarantee that all four reactors are operated under identical conditions and generate reproducible data for comparative evaluation of catalysts and processes.

    Handling your sensitive chemistry

    A common concern in the chemical industry is testing of catalysts sensitive to moisture and oxygen. The Flowrence system can be coupled with a specialized glovebox to test such catalysts reliable and safely.

    Drying-out a large-scale testing setup reliably is very challenging and time-consuming. Small-scale testing equipment offers a significant advantage over larger setups.

    A very quick reactor loading can significantly reduce the risk of contamination. The small-scale Flowrence technology systems have an intrinsic advantage of handling these sensitive chemistries.

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