Tiny-Pressure Module

Modular, compact, and easy exchange of glass-chips, with integrated pressure indicators
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Modular glass-chip holder with integrated pressure measurement

The reactor inlet pressure is measured using 16 pressure indicators integrated in the Tiny Pressure (TP) module. This module holds the microfluidic glass-chips for gas distribution, combined with pressure measurement in one module. The reactor outlet pressure is also measured using a Tiny Pressure module, allowing online measurement of catalyst bed pressure drop.

As the pressure of the reactor inlet and outlets is measured at room temperature, no high temperature pressure sensors are required ensuring a highly accurate pressure measurement for 16 reactors in a compact module.

The TinyPressure module has a pressure range of 10 – 200 barg (high pressure or 0.5 – 10 barg (low pressure). The modular and user-friendly design allows the modules to be replaced by an operator in a matter of minutes, without the need for time-consuming leak testing procedures, easy calibration (firmware will store calibration values) and quick exchange of the microfluidic glass-chip.


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