Microfluidics Distribution

Unrivalled accuracy in gas distribution with patented glass-chips with 0.5% RSD channel-to-channel variability. Single chip for 4 or 16-reactors. Quick exchange for different operating conditions
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Microfluidics modular gas distribution

The gas feed can be efficiently distributed by using microfluidic distributor glass-chips. Every chip is tested with a guaranteed flow distribution.

Various types of chips are available to be able to cover a wide dynamic range in flow rate and feed properties. Change out of the chips can be done in minutes, offering the unique flexibility to cover a wide range of applications using the same reactor system.

Active pressure control can be used to compensate when catalyst bed pressure drop is expected. The inlet reactor pressure will be continuously monitored and controlled to guarantee equal inlet pressure and thus avoid any negative impact of a restricted catalyst bed on the flow distribution to the parallel reactors.


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