Active Liquid Distribution

The most accurate liquid distribution for high throughput systems with active feed distribution and real-time liquid flow measurement and control for 16-reactors
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Active liquid feed distribution, measurement, and control

  • Combined with the advanced reactor pressure control and other Flowrence® technologies, enables the most accurate mass balance closure for the most challenging applications: overall accuracy up to 100±0.5%.
  • Proven technology with difficult feedstocks: no blockage and or breakage observed.
  • Microfluidic channels with integrated heating. Different glass-chips types available depending on the viscosity of the feedstock.

The Active Liquid Distribution (ALD) guarantees that all 16 reactors are continuously operated at the desired LHSV, all the time. Its unique design is based on our microfluidic glass chips The valve system uses a single flow sensor. The total liquid flow is determined by a Coriolis mass flow meter. The ALD is used for feedstocks with high viscosity, such as VGO, HVGO and DAO. The system continuously regulates the liquid distribution to all 16 reactors, working together with the Reactor Pressure Control (RPC) system to prevent any impact of pressure variations in the flow distribution.

With the ALD, you can achieve a liquid distribution error below 0.2% RSD, making it the most accurate parallel liquid flow distribution device on the market.

The ALD has the option to selectively isolate reactors with 16 shut-off valves to block the liquid flow completely. If e.g., one reactor needs to be isolated, in this way, the total flow rate can be set to 15/16 of the total flow.


Auto-calibrating function enabled by a single flow sensor

See the significance of controlling the flow to each reactor over time. Two modes are shown: Capillary-equivalent mode, without active control of the flow, and the Active mode where the ALD is enabled to demonstrate the efficient liquid distribution. Note the difference in RSD from ±2% to less than ±0.25% for all 16 reactors.

A good feed distribution, gas, and liquid, directly reflects in the accuracy of the overall mass balance, e.g., 1% deviation in feed is equal to 1% absolute deviation in mass balance across all reactors.

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