R&D Systems

Accelerate screening of catalysts and chemistries with highly accurate, reliable and flexible high-throughput catalyst testing systems. Optimal configurations of parallel pressure reactor systems tailored for each phase of your catalyst research and development.

Flowrence® Platform

  • Reliable
  • Highly Flexible
  • Unmatched Reactor-to-Reactor Reproducibility
  • Safe and Easy to operate
  • Purpose-designed software


Our unique, secure and easy to use reactor closing system.


Unrivalled accurate gas and liquid distribution with patented microfluidic glass-chips.

Liquid sampling

Programmable, fully automated liquid sampling robot for 24/7 hands-off sample collection.


Discover the isolated truth

After many years of in-house use, this proprietary and proven technology is also available to you for testing renewables, petro- and fine chemicals.

Accelerate your R&D screening and optimization experiments with this parallel high-pressure reactor system (2 x 12 small-scale pressure vessels), including independent reactor headspace and stirring.

  • High operational flexibility
  • Reliable & reproducible results
  • Fast, easy & safe to use

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