Accelerate your research in electrochemistry with custom-made R&D units

At Avantium R&D Solutions(RDS), we value the power of electrochemistry in contributing to a sustainable future. We offer turn-key custom-made research and development units for water electrolysis/ green hydrogen production, and CO2 electrolysis tailored to your needs. As a trusted partner in the field of electrochemistry, we provide solutions that cater to decision-makers and researchers, driving energy and materials transition.


Green hydrogen production and CO2 electrolysis are critical in the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. Green hydrogen, produced through water electrolysis powered by renewable energy sources, serves as a clean and versatile energy carrier. It has applications in transportation, energy storage, and industrial processes, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2 electrolysis addresses climate change by converting carbon dioxide into valuable products. By utilizing renewable electricity, CO2 emissions from industrial processes and power generation can be transformed into fuels, chemicals, and building materials. This technology promotes a circular economy, optimizing carbon waste as a valuable resource.

Avantium RDS specializes in turn-key custom-made R&D units for water electrolysis and CO2 electrolysis. Both single and multiple cell (high-throughput) configurations are possible. Our solutions empower decision-makers to explore and optimize green hydrogen production and CO2 electrolysis processes. With high efficiency, scalability, and reliability, our equipment seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, enabling sustainable practices and operational efficiency.

What our custom-made units have to offer :


  • Multiple cells in one system to increase test efficiency and reduce lab space requirements
  • Automated testing using a proven software platform
  • Gas and liquid analysis with integrated data handling

For researchers, our innovative solutions provide precise control, real-time monitoring, and advanced data analytics. Our custom-made units accelerate the development of novel electrochemical technologies, facilitating groundbreaking experiments and driving scientific advancements in the field of electrochemistry.

Partner with Avantium RDS to shape a sustainable future . Our expertise in electrochemistry, combined with custom-made R&D units, empowers organizations to embrace green hydrogen production and CO2 electrolysis technologies. Together, we can create a cleaner, greener world for tomorrow!

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