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Helping the leading suppliers and research institutes developing better and more efficient catalysts with the world's best high throughput technology
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Reactors Available

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Customer Satisfaction

Proven Technology

Proven Flowrence® technology  thanks to decades of research and development. Experience with more than 150 different chemistries.

Highest Data Quality

Reproducible results with accurate microfluidics  distribution. Large isothermal zone with perfect catalyst-feed contacting.

Fast Screening

Reduced time-to-market with high throughput testing for process optimization and catalyst screening.

Highly Experienced Team

Highly experienced team of scientists and technologists with relevant catalysis knowledge and research experience.

Validated by Customers

Flowrence® technology extensively used by catalyst suppliers and research institutes to accelerate their catalyst R&D.


Unmatched Accuracy

Multi-parallel reactors systems that generate accurate data with outstanding reactor-to-reactor repeatability.

Cost Effective

Parallel testing allows the cost-effective testing of multiple catalyst samples – significant cost savings compared to large scale testing.

Inherently Safe

Small-scale reactors with smart design to eliminate dead volumes. Minimal chemicals hold up with fast flushing times.

We are committed to provide our customers the data quality to accelerate their catalyst R&D

Successful R&D requires collaboration, regular communication and flexibility


  • Knowledge base
  • Expertise on catalyst and process design
  • Consulting on catalysts & chemistries


  • Scalable catalyst preparation techniques
  • Extensive library of commercially available supports and catalysts
  • Advanced analytical method development


  • Batch/Flow
  • Catalyst screening
  • Deactivation studies
  • Process optimization
  • Reaction kinetics studies


  • Pre-defined formats

  • Regular data reporting

  • Daily testing steering



  • Experts support for data interpretation
  • IP remains with client
  • Project-specific data access rights

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Flowrence® Systems

Helping the leading suppliers and research institutes developing better and more efficient catalysts with the world’s best high throughput technology.


Accelerate reaction screening. Designed for optimal reliability and reproducibility of experimental results.

We serve a portfolio of global clients


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