Accelerate R&D and testing of new and optimized catalysts

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The Chemical industry creates products, which form an integral part of modern societies. They include plastics, fertilizers, packaging, clothing, digital devices, medical equipment, detergents, tires, and many others. 

Most of these products are derived from fossil fuels such as crude oil, coal, and natural gas. The importance of chemicals is continuing to grow and puts pressure on the global energy system. The industry urgently needs alternative solutions to reduce its CO2 footprint by e.g., using renewable feedstock, developing new chemical processes, and improving existing chemical processes in a cost-effective way. 

We help you to find alternative solutions to produce chemicals in a more sustainable way: 

  • Accelerate R&D and testing of new and optimized catalysts 
  • Testing real-life operating conditions at small scale based on existing application/ chemistry expertise 
  • Proven and reliable testing equipment, both batch and flow, enabling the discovery of improved reaction conditions or catalyst performance
  • User friendly, robust, and precise designed hardware and software
  • Design and engineering skills to produce custom-made solutions  

    Avantium R&D Solutions is perfectly equipped to help you in finding these alternative solutions by applying our key technologies and contract R&D services 

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    Accelerate your R&D screening and optimization experiments with this parallel high-pressure reactor system

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    Flowrence Products

    High Throughput Systems to Accelerate Your Catalyst R&D.

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    Custom-made Units

    Empower your R&D to make your existing products and process technologies more circular and sustainable. 

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    Contract R&D

    Accelerate Your Catalyst R&D With the World’s Most Advanced High Throughput Technology.

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