Sneak Preview – A new tool to accelerate your R&D

Watch this space! Early next year Avantium will launch a new tool to accelerate your R&D…. and it will not be a Flowrence! Apart from some Avantium-blue, it will not look like anything you have seen from us before.

 We have a well-established reputation for innovative, small-scale catalyst testing and R&D methodology and equipment. Our designs are not only effective, but also take into account the workflow of the user to bring simplicity where often complexity reigns. This is our way of accelerating R&D.

Our new equipment has been developed for our proprietary research and has proven to be so successful that we want to share it with everybody working in catalyst R&D. It will be available both for contract R&D (in our labs), and as a system for your own lab. More to follow!

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