Flowrence® XC Reforming – Accurate, reliable, fully automated testing of reforming catalysts

Avantium is proud to extend its Flowrence platform with a new high-throughput system for testing commercial naphtha reforming catalysts – The Flowrence® XC Reforming.

This system is equipped with four parallel reactors with individual temperature-control and enhanced online analytics enabling fully automated testing of naphtha reforming catalysts at fixed temperature and constant research octane number (RON) for each reactor.

What did we learn from our services

The Flowrence® XC configuration benefits from our extensive experience conducting comparative catalyst testing of naphtha reforming catalysts for refineries. The unmatched discrimination capabilities will allow clients to compare commercial catalysts under commercially relevant conditions by providing extremely precise and repeatable C5+ yields, total aromatics and hydrogen-produced data as well as complete PIONA breakdown with time on stream. The resulting high data quality generated (precision, accuracy and reproducibility) has been independently validated by all major naphtha reforming catalyst suppliers like UOP, Axens and SIE.

The Flowrence® XC will be preloaded with best-practice test recipes for naphtha reforming, pre-programmed alarm matrix and a dedicated automated liquid cleaning. This system is also suitable for C5/C6 Isomerization, Metathesis and Transalkylation applications.

This system is ideal for catalyst selection, feed feasibility and plant support testing.

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Image for Avantium's XC Flowrence High-throughput Reactor system

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