Flowrence XD – Our Flagship for Early Stage Catalysis R&D

Over the last years, Avantium expanded its Flowrence technology platform to be suitable for each stage of R&D. In this edition of the Catalysis Insider, Avantium highlights the four fixed-bed parallel reactor system for early-stage R&D – The Flowrence XD.

Since the launch in 2017, we have seen strong market demand with more than 10 Flowrence XD’s sold to companies, research institutes, and universities. Currently, 6 Flowrence XD’s are operational in the field. This high demand stems from its operational flexibility and the implementation of a variety of valuable system features suited for this stage.

Maximum flexibility without compromise

Firstly, the design of our Flowrence XD provides excellent flexibility within less than 1m2. The broad operating window enables our customers to execute a wide range of experiments for multiple applications under industrially relevant conditions. To ensure feed flexibility, Avantium equipped the XD with its microfluidic technology for accurate gas and liquid feed distribution. These microfluidic chips are indispensable to guarantee that all four reactors are operated under identical conditions and generate reproducible data for comparative evaluation of catalysts and processes.

Ease-of-use for the best customer experience

Secondly, the XD offers an excellent degree of reliability and ease-of-use through its patented reactor-in-reactor technology, self-contained housing, safety features and is powered by our robust Flowrence software. With EasyLoad®, our innovative reactor closing system, a leak-tight operation and facilitated reactor loading is guaranteed, improving uptime and reliability even more.

The value of these features is acknowledged by our customers, such as Jorge Gascon, Director & Full Professor of KAUST, who says: “With these new Flowrence XD systems we strengthen our high-throughput facilities for heterogeneous catalysis and make sure that our researchers keep having access to state of the art technology. We have an excellent experience with Avantium’s equipment and technical support and look forward to developing new catalysts by making use of these systems.”


The Flowrence XD is the system of choice to replace existing one-reactor systems for early discovery catalyst experimentation. This parallel reactor unit offers step-change improvements in the effectiveness of R&D efforts to generate your valuable results and facilitates the reproduction and comparison of catalyst performance over multiple runs. Are you ready to replace or expand your existing infrastructure with our Flowrence XD?

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