Chemical Processes are becoming more diverse

Recently, we have noticed a clear shift in the type of chemical process our customers come to us for. While in 2018/19 almost all Services project were executed for 4 major Chemical processes this has now more than doubled in terms of processes, including CO2-to-Methanol, plastics chemical recycling, as well as the replacement of crude sources to renewable feed.
The trend can be explained by the accelerating search for renewable fuels and feedstocks for chemical processes, and seems to be gaining pace now that the global economy is beginning to recover from the effects of the COVID19 pandemic.

Catalyst technology is still seen as the tool to transform the petrochemical industry by providing novel solutions in the field of crude to chemicals, renewable feed sources or CO2 conversion technologies.

Avantium has responded to these new needs by significantly broadening and increasing our testing capabilities, not only by providing more of the proven Flowrence testing equipment but also on


  • A tailor made batch system for the testing of polymerization catalyst or chemical recycling catalysts, which includes dynamic gas addition.
  • Flowrence XD as a Service to react quickly on short term chemical projects as in comparison to larger screening campaigns.
  • Acetylene Catalyst screening tool – approved by a leading catalyst provider for this process, Axens
  • Liquid Adsorption testing equipment in the renewable field
  • Extending our Refinery Catalyst Testing capacity with a new hydrocracking to meet demand for crude-to-chemicals process and catalyst development
  • Expanding the testing capacity into aromatics conversion
These new units, in combination with our expert personnel allow us to flexibly serve shorter projects which we observe lately while customers quickly want to get into a technology.

Flowrence XD as a service in action

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