Introducing the Flowrence XR

Accelerate your catalyst research

Over the years Avantium’s Flowrence has been recognized by R&D organizations globally as a powerful high-throughput catalyst testing system allowing accelerated screening of new catalysts and chemistries. We have made considerable improvements to the technology applied in Flowrence and together with the combined experience of the numerous systems supplied to our customers this allowed us to devise optimal configurations for each phase of R&D.

Combining all our latest technology and our experience in configuring units for catalyst ranking and optimization we have the pleasure of introducing Flowrence XR.

The Flowrence XR allows you to evaluate the large numbers of catalysts typically required to be tested in the research phase of R&D, in a 16 parallel reactor system, all under identical conditions. As you are used to, the Flowrence XR operates under industrially applicable conditions and generates results that are reproducible and scalable.

Our technology development efforts have focused on improving precision/accuracy, reliability and flexibility, making Flowrence XR the industry leader in all three of these key aspects. How have we achieved all of this? The core is the application of proprietary microfluidics technology in which liquids and gases are channeled, controlled and distributed in glass chips. Our splitter chips, TinyPressure, Active Liquid Distribution system (ALD), and Reactor Pressure Control system (RPC) are all based on our microfluidics technology.

The Flowrence XR also features our latest generation of reactor closing: EasyLoad+ offering an even safer reactor closing, allowing higher temperature operations and opening the option to have independent feeds for each reactor block. EasyLoad+ brings the incredible ease of use and efficiency of our already very popular reactor closing system to a new level!

The following table summarizes the key configuration options of the Flowrence XR. As is customary, Avantium can tailor your unit to your exact requirements, no matter what catalyst or chemistry you are testing.

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