Accelerate reaction screening. Designed for optimal reliability and reproducibility of experimental results
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Discover the isolated truth

After many years of providing batch parallel testing services we created this proprietary and proven technology, the Batchington. Accelerate your R&D screening with this 2×12 small-scale batch system with independent reactor headspace and stirring.

Batchington’s design is kept compact, robust, simple and reliable. The limited working volume of the parallel batch reactors enables easy and safe operation making it indispensable to any laboratory looking to significantly accelerate its reaction screening capabilities and decision making.

Batchington consists of two reactors blocks, each containing 12 small-scale pressure vessels. Each reactor block can be easily loaded with chemicals and pressurized. Individual reactor headspace prevents cross-contamination between reactors.

Experience high operational flexibility, reliable and reproducible results. Avantium’s Batchington is easy and safe to use, available for testing renewables, petro- and fine chemicals – discover the isolated truth!

Reproducible results

Designed for optimal reliability and reproducibility of experimental results. Small footprint allows use in a fume hood or glovebox.

Screening under pressure

Working out reactions with Batchington means that sets of twelve reactors are loaded, and in a second step pressurized through a septum. After gas injection, all autoclaves are isolated volumes and volatile reaction products cannot move across parallel experiments. The reaction station has heat blocks which quickly heat up the reaction mixture to working temperature. See the figure below for a Batchington reaction screening workflow. The autoclave reactors are PTFE-lined and can be used up to 200°C. They have a generous pressure rating of 180 bar to enable excess gas feedstock and potential temperature runaways. The liquid content is 2 mL, compatible with routine analysis techniques including gas chromatography (GC), high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), and UV-VIS spectroscopy.

Robert-Jan shares his first-hand experience with Batchington high-pressure reactor system. Robert-Jan explains the capabilities of our Batchington, how it enabled him to screen two thousand organic syntheses per year on his own.

Robert-Jan van Putten

Sr. Scientist

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