Avantium’s high-throughput solutions and the growing demand in the Japanese market


To effectively address the urgent need for decarbonization in the short-term, the implementation of Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technologies and Hydrogen storage solutions is crucial.

As part of this transition, the development of new catalysts plays a critical role, but it must be combined with extensive evaluation processes to shorten the time to market. This is precisely where Avantium’s high-throughput product offerings play a critical role, providing fully automated catalyst screening capabilities for a diverse range of applications, including CO2-to-methanol, CO2-to-hydrocarbons, ammonia synthesis/cracking, and Liquid Hydrogen Organic Carrier (LOHC) applications.

The recent participation of Avantium R&D Solutions at INCHEM 2023 Tokyo serves as confirmation of the growing demand for carbon-neutral solutions within the Japanese market.

Avantium R&D Solutions is perfectly equipped to help you in finding solutions for these applications by applying our key technologies 


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