Avantium RDS travels to China again after 3 years of pandemic restrictions

During the past three years of border restrictions due to Covid-19, Avantium R&D Solutions supported and served its Chinese customers remotely. Now the restrictions are lifted, Avantium RDS has finally started to provide technical support to its customers on their journey to implement high-throughput catalyst testing at their site again. Avantium RDS has already installed several Flowrence® XR 16-channel high-throughput systems, and we are looking forward to supporting with the upcoming implementations.

Our Chinese customers have the ambition to reduce carbon dioxide emission, and to catalytically eliminate gas, liquid, and solid pollutants. Avantium RDS has extensive experience in this field with high-throughput catalyst screening and testing, such as Fischer-Tropsch, hydrocracking, and hydrotreating of heavy oil. Worldwide, we installed more than 20 test systems for such applications.

As Avantium RDS, we are delighted to be entrusted with these projects and to further expand our Flowrence® business across the world.

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