Avantium installed its high-throughput unit Flowrence® XD at ETH Zurich Swisscat

Avantium’s Flowrence® XD high-​throughput nano-​flow fixed bed unit allows the evaluation and performance test fixed bed heterogeneous catalysts sensitive to air and moisture. The unit can be adapted to specific reaction and process conditions on demand.

Following the tender award of suppyling two Flowrence® XD systems and one Flowrence® XR system for the Catalysis Hub of ETH Zürich (CAT+ East), last month the above mentioned Avantium units were installed. These lab systems target high-throughput catalyst testing on a broad set of chemistries, including CO2 and methane valorization. In addition, the two Flowrence® XD systems are combined and assembled with unique inert design allowing the evaluation of moisture and oxygen-sensitive catalysts.

“We recently received the first high-throughput reactors from Avantium in the SwissCAT+ East Catalysis Hub at ETH Zurich. The particularity of these new Flowrence XDs is that they are embedded in an Mbraun glovebox, allowing us to test air sensitive catalyst and also recover them after reaction without air exposure for subsequent surface characterization. All of these new features will vastly increase the catalyst testing options of the Hub.”

Adrián Ramirez Galilea – Automation & Catalysis Scientist at ETH Zurich


“We installed the first XD’s attached to a glovebox at ETH Zurich. These units are specially designed to do research at chemical processes with air/moisture sensitive catalysts.”

Alexander Dedters – Senior Field Systems Engineer

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