Avantium Catalysis expands its business into R&D for sustainable chemistry

Today, we announced that Avantium Catalysis will transform its business to serve the growing demand for R&D into sustainable chemistry (Click for Press Release). In addition to providing advanced catalysis R&D systems and services to customers worldwide, we will expand our offerings to target four emerging markets for sustainable chemistry: 1. Green hydrogen; 2. Chemical plastic recycling; 3. Adsorption; and 4. Sustainable chemical building blocks.

Consequently, Avantium Catalysis will be renamed into Avantium R&D Solutions (in short Avantium RDS).

What will remain?

We will continue to serve you with our current Flowrence platform for all your applications. That entails not only providing you with customized Flowrence units and testing services, but also developing new technologies for the platform to continue to meet your current and future high-throughput R&D needs. Of course, our Customer Services department will also continue to maintain and service your Flowrence systems as you are used from us.

Flowrence technology actually already supports R&D in the field of sustainable chemistry, as we conduct for instance hydrotreating of vegetable oil into biofuels.

What is new for you?

In recent years, we have noticed an increase in requests for various R&D solutions for sustainable chemistry. Customers, recognizing  our unique capabilities in both sustainable chemistry, R&D and engineering, increasingly approach us to develop and build tailored units to meet their needs in R&D into sustainable chemistry.

We will now extend our existing offerings by adding scientific, engineering and assembly capabilities to design and build custom-made R&D equipment in order to help you accelerate the transition to a more sustainable chemical industry.

Avantium RDS will focus on four emerging markets in the field of sustainable chemistry, in which we have existing experience, offering tailored, ease-of-use and innovative R&D units and contract R&D. These four markets are: green hydrogen, chemical plastic recycling, adsorption, and sustainable chemical building blocks:

  • Green hydrogen: we will focus on process development (such as integrated laboratory units) for water electrolysis for green hydrogen.
  • Chemical plastic recycling: catalyst and process development to upgrade pyrolysis oil of recycled plastics or biomass, for instance by removing impurities such as oxygen, sulphur or nitrogen. These upgraded py-oils are used to replace fossil-based feedstock in the production of a variety of sustainable and circular chemicals and materials.
  • Adsorption: the growth in sustainable chemistry and bio-based products requires more purification of, and separation of contaminants from, product streams through adsorption. Over the past years, we have already built and delivered tailor-made high-throughput test units for liquid, gas and respiratory adsorption for customers such as Ircelyon, and we are now expanding that capability.
  • Sustainable chemical building blocks: we will build tailored systems for customers to facilitate the chemical conversions of biomass into sustainable chemical building blocks.


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