Avantium awarded tender to deliver one Flowrence® system to SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, China

Avantium is proud to announce that it has been awarded a tender concerning one Flowrence® XR unit for SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing (RIPP) China. The new system will be used to study novel methods of storing hydrogen in liquid carriers and releasing it at the site of use, with minimal energy use and high efficiency.  In the last five years, Avantium has established extensive cooperation relationship with RIPP. This is the third unit that RIPP purchased from Avantium in the last three years.      

Following the award publication, Sinopec RIPP emphasized: “Sinopec RIPP selected Avantium’s offer for the low footprint of the units, the inert system design, the simplicity of the unit operation and maintenance, and the comprehensive performances of the microfluidic technology in a wide range of feed. With the excellent support of Avantium, we can demonstrate the catalytic and economic value proposition in the highly relevant application under industrial conditions. More important, with this high value tool, we are capable of stepping in new research area such as renewable rout to produce high value chemicals and bio-fuel that will contribute the energy transition worldwide. We are looking forward to the realization and validation of the equipment on-site.

Dr. Robin Jastrzebski, Project Leader at Avantium, said: “The extensive collaboration with RIPP has resulted in a catalyst testing system that is uniquely tailored to their research requirements. The unique Flowrence technology will provide unparalleled accuracy in the test results, giving confidence in the data and accelerating the development of new sustainable technologies and processes.”

Dr. Ye Zhang, Business Development Director at Avantium, said: “Sinopec and Avantium have long close cooperation relationship for almost 10 years. We are pleased to provide our support to the team of Sinopec RIPP in their journey to implement high-throughput catalyst testing at their site. We are proud to be given the trust in our “made in Holland” Flowrence technology.”


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