Avantium awarded tender to deliver one Flowrence® system to Sinopec Dalian Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, China

Avantium is proud to announce that we have been awarded a tender to deliver a Flowrence® XR System to Sinopec Dalian Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemcials (Dalian RIPP), China. This unit targets high-throughput catalyst testing and screening on hydrocracking and hydrotreating of heavy oil and its fractions. Avantium has extensive experience in such applications and has already installed more than 15 hydrocracking high-throughput test units in Europe and USA.  This will be the first one installed in China.

Following the award publication, Dr. Qin Bo from Dalian RIPP, said: “With the excellent support of Avantium, we can demonstrate the catalytic and economic value proposition in the highly relevant application under industrial conditions.”

Dr. Graham Ormsby, Senior project manager at Avantium, said: “We are delighted and proud that Sinopec continues to put its trust into Avantium as a partner in providing high throughput technology and solutions. Avantium has a proven track record in delivering systems for hydrocracking and hydrotreating applications. Sinopec will benefit greatly from the high accuracy and precision in both data quality and process conditions that will be realized”

Dr. Ye Zhang, Business Development Director at Avantium, said: “Sinopec and Avantium have been in close collaboration for nearly 10 years. We are pleased to provide our support to the Sinopec Dalian RIPP team in their journey to implement high-throughput catalyst testing at their site. We are delighted to be entrusted with this project and to further expand our Flowrence® systems.

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