Avantium awarded tender to deliver Flowrence® XD System to Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany

Avantium’s Flowrence® XD parallel reactor unit is highly flexible, self-contained 4-reactor fixed-bed catalyst testing unit which excels at producing valuable data promptly leveraging high-throughput chemical technology. This technology offers you step-change improvements in the effectiveness of R&D efforts to generate your valuable results and facilitates the reproduction and comparison of catalyst performance over multiple runs. Researchers can test the process performance of a variety of catalysts with peace of mind that their results are accurate, reliable and reproducible.



We are proud to share that Avantium has been awarded a tender to deliver a 4 parallel reactor Flowrence® XD System to the Christian-Albrechts University of Kiel in Germany. Such a unit will target high-throughput catalyst testing and screening for specific chemical reactions such as synthesis of methanol, ammonia and higher alcohols, as well as Fischer-Tropsch chemistry.



Dr. Sharif Najafi, Catalysis Laboratory Manager from the University of Kiel, said: “We chose Avantium as it offered a perfect solution for a wide range of chemical reactions we wanted to study. Ease of handling in terms of experimentation, data collection and analysis considering the pre-calibrated analytic instruments combined with a small required space and fully safe operation played an important role in our decision to choose Flowrence XD. Needless to say, the support from the Avantium team in all steps of the purchasing process was highly appreciated.”




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