Argonne National Laboratory uses Avantium’s 16-reactors Flowrence® XR for catalysis screening combined with machine learning

Argonne National Laboratory used Avantium’s 16-reactor fixed bed Flowrence® XR unit to study the deposition of 23 different metallic precursors for propyne dimerization to hexadienes in a high-throughput data-driven campaign.

Using a Flowrence® XR high throughput units, the researchers could obtain a reliable and interactive dataset for the catalytic reaction. A combination of high throughput experiments with computational and machine learning approaches were imperative to finding optimized reaction conditions: “It is clear that the improved activity obtained in this synergistic study could not have been discovered a priori; the high-throughput approach was critical to finding the precise experimental and synthetic conditions at which the catalysts showed meaningful selectivity and conversion to hexadiene.”


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