Online and offline analytical solutions for high-throughput testing

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Analytics are an integrated part of our systems, and they play an integral role. As Avantium R&D Solutions, we believe that the quality of experimental data depends on the analytics used to acquire it. As a result, it is highly important to apply customized solutions for different chemistries and platforms. Balancing the analysis of all components and optimizing cycle time are two critical considerations for each application. The importance of these factors varies depending on the specific case, with some applications prioritizing more data points while others require more detailed component information.

The Flowrence platform leverages the advantage of keeping reactor products in the gas phase, allowing for the direct feeding of the complete sample stream into online GC’s. This enables us to achieve complete speciation and ensures the most accurate determination of the mass balance. Our on-line GC solutions utilize a multi-dimensional approach to analyze different component classes of the sample. It eliminates cold spots and enables shorter cycle times, facilitating fast feedback crucial for the control loop. By utilising these features, we are able to provide efficient and timely results for our clients.

We have on-line GC analytics in place for following chemistries: Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating, Fischer-Tropsch, Isomerization, Hydro isomerization, Methanol To Olefins, Reversed Water Gas Shift, CO2 to Methanol, CO2 to Hydrocarbons, Methanol to DME and more.

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