Our multi column custom-made units are tailored for adsorbent users and developers.
Ready for fast and accurate testing of your adsorption performance testing.

 Capturing CO2 from the air is an important way to be able to tackle climate change. Avantium RDS has recently created a custom made high throughput testing platform to enable development of better materials for CO2 adsorption. This system fits Avantium RDS’s experience in a wide range of gas and liquid purification and separation challenges.

In the fight against Climate Change caused by the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide it is important to reduce the carbon dioxide direct from air or directly at the source. This can be done by applying adsorbents in a PSA unit at the source or by adsorbents in air filters also known as Direct Air Capture(DAC).

To select the best adsorbent for such process regarding selectivity, capacity, operational cost and energy efficiency Avantium’s high throughput breakthrough tailor-made unit offers a number of advantages;

  • Fast adsorbent screening reducing the time to market due to simultaneously testing multiple samples.
  • Works with small samples leading to lower experimental costs by smaller batches.
  • Flexibility in test conditions taking you as close as you can get to your process conditions
  • Reliable results by testing multiple samples simultaneously under identical test conditions



DAC is one example of many more application in the field of Adsorption where Avantium RDS has experience and offers innovative tailor-made units applicable to a wide range of gas and liquid purification and separation challenges.

Based on years of experience Avantium RDS offers adsorption testing systems and services tailored to your needs. Tailored systems are designed together with you to meet your adsorption challenges and to achieve the highest accuracy and reproducibility.



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