Adsorption screening article published in Separation and Purification Technology

As a result of a successful collaboration between Prof. Krishna and Avantium, the Separation and Purification Technology journal recently published the article “Highlighting non-idealities in C2H4/CO2 mixture adsorption in 5A zeolite.” The focus of the study was investigating the recovery of C2H4 from a complex mixture by selective adsorption using cation-exchanged zeolites such as LTA-5A by applying high-throughput experimentation techniques.

As the article describes, the modelling results of Prof. Krishna were compared with the transient breakthrough experiments executed at one of Avantium’s dedicated adsorption 16-reactor systems. The observation revealed deviations between the modelling results and the measured breakthrough data, which underscores the need for performing transient breakthrough experiments with realistic producer gas mixtures for process modelling and development purposes. Testing such a large number of samples and conditions was only feasible by utilizing our proprietary high-throughput testing equipment .

Please click this link for the full article.

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